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No Jab, No Job: Is it Lawful for Employers To Require Employees To Have A COVID Vaccination?

Pimlico Plumbers CEO, Charlie Mullins, has announced plans to introduce contractual requirements on all staff to have a COVID vaccine if they are to work for the London plumbing company. If and when the vaccine becomes commercially available or available to a wider age group than currently under the NHS for free, many employers may consider following suit, but should […]

Welcome Clarification from the Government that Employees with Childcare Issues can be Furloughed

At the beginning of last week many parents found themselves back in the position that they were in during the first national lockdown in March 2020. The government’s decision to close all schools during this third national lockdown came into effect on 5 January 2021, with many children attending primary school for just one day. Whilst Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, […]

COVID-19 | National restrictions for England

On 5th January the government published The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (No. 3) and (All Tiers) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2021 setting out rules for a further lockdown in England. The regulations are designed to slow or halt Covid-19 infection rates by restricting movement of people unless for specific reasons. They replace the local tiered restrictions previously in force and apply […]

COVID-19 | Tier 4 Alert Level

On 19th December the government announced a new Tier 4 of regional restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of Covid-19. The regions subject to Tier 4 were placed under these restrictions from 00.01 on 20th December. The government also announced that regions in Tiers 1-3 are permitted to form a ‘bubble’ of up to three households on 25th December only, […]

COVID-19 | Alert Level System and Festive Period Rules

COVID-19 | Alert Level System and Festive Period Rules On 17th December the government announced a review of the three-tiered system of restrictions that came into force on 2nd December. The regions subject to tier changes will be under the respective restrictions from 00.01 on 19th December. London was placed in Tier 3 from 00.01 on 16th December, prior to […]

“Long-COVID” – A New Form of Disability under the Equality Act 2010? Steps for Employers to Take to Mitigate the Risks of Disability Discrimination Claims

A recent study conducted by researchers at King’s College London estimates that around 1 in 7 people with COVID-19 will be ill for at least 4 weeks, 1 in 20 for 8 weeks and 1 in 45 for 12 weeks or more after having initially become unwell. Although there is currently no universally recognised medical definition for the range of […]

Racism, Prejudice and Working from Home: How Employers can adapt to a ‘New Normal’

As the world continues to adapt to a new way of life in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, employers have been kept busy by the need to ensure that, despite the upheaval to everyday workplace norms, their actions towards employees are lawful and proportionate. The situation is a fluid one; and the approach of employers to maintaining a happy […]

COVID-19 | Alert Level System

On 26th November 2020 the government set out a three-tiered system of restrictions for the regions in England to be enforced on 2nd December. This will mark the end of the current period of enforced national restrictions. The system will be similar to that in force prior to the introduction of national restrictions. What are the tiers? | Rosenblatt’s Financial […]

Social Class Discrimination – Time for a New Protected Characteristic for a Post-Covid Britain?

It is clear to us that the current economic situation is having a disproportionately damaging impact on working class employees, and in our view the (eventual) economic recovery is likely to reach some parts of the workforce (much) later than others. For many roles, the recovery will unfortunately come too late, and we expect many employees will need to retrain […]

HMRC | Furlough Investigations | Rosenblatt’s Financial Crime Team

On 12th November 2020 HMRC revealed that it intends to investigate 10,000 businesses over possible abuses of the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, while also confirming that nearly £400m of furlough grants have been paid back. HMRC Investigations | Rosenblatt’s Financial Crime Team The figures were revealed during an evidence session of the Public Accounts Committee by HMRC permanent secretary […]