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LionFish and Rosenblatt Make Suite of Litigation Funding Documentation Freely Available

Leading litigation funder, LionFish Litigation Finance (UK) Limited, and leading law firm, Rosenblatt Limited, both subsidiaries of AIM-listed RBG Holdings plc, have announced today that they will make their suite of litigation funding documentation publicly and freely available. To download the Press Release, click below:

Rosenblatt Limited (“RBL”) appoints Barry Roche as its new Managing Director

Rosenblatt Limited (“RBL” or “the Firm”), one the UK’s pioneering law firms, and a leader in dispute resolution is pleased to announce that Barry Roche has been appointed as the Firm’s new Managing Director. To read the full press release, click here.

Nicola Foulston / CEO Rosenblatt speaking at the Ambition Nation Summit Oct 2018

Ambition Nation Summit: What’s life like, in real terms, after a company goes public on AIM? Does business change significantly? And what are the biggest benefits in the short term? Download the finnCap Ambition Nation 2018 article