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Brexit: The First 100 Days

Brexit was a defining moment in this country’s modern history. The Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), the UK’s new free trade agreement negotiated with the EU, now governs the UK’s trading relationship with the European trading bloc and has radically reshaped the trading landscape. With the first 100 days of the TCA under its belt, we look back to see […]

New UK Digital Regulatory Regime Launched with Establishment of Digital Markets Unit

Introduction On 7th April 2021 the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (“BEIS”), Department of Culture, Media and Sport (“DCMS”) and the Competition & Markets Authority (“CMA”) announced the establishment of a new Digital Markets Unit (“DMU”), established within the CMA, to enforce the UK’s new digital regulatory regime. The DMU has begun work in a shadow, non-statutory form. […]

UK Local Authorities Could Seek Damages Over Alleged Pre-Paid Cards Cartel as Payment Services Regulator Issues a Statement of Objections Fining Parties £32 Million

Introduction The Payment Services Regulator (PSR) issued its first decision enforcing competition law in the payments sector on 31st March 2021. The PSR is a concurrent competition regulator for the payments sector along with the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA). This is the first time the PSR it has used its competition powers since it became a concurrent competition regulator […]

Rosenblatt Acts as Legal Adviser to ES Global in Flywheel Partners Investment

Anthony Vaughan, along with Senior Associate, Christopher Allen, of Rosenblatt Limited led a team acting for ES Global in connection with an investment made by Flywheel Partners. ES Global is a leading solutions-driven provider of demountable structures to music, sporting, cultural and corporate events, and a range of public sector applications. The investment will accelerate ES Global’s growth strategy. Anthony […]

Corporate Transparency and Register Reform

Summary The UK Government has confirmed its intention to reform Companies House to clamp down on fraud and money laundering and increase the transparency of UK corporate entities. On 18 September 2020 the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (“BEIS”) published the Government’s response to its consultation on options to enhance the role of Companies House and increase the […]

Competition & Markets Authority Opens Competition Investigation Against Apple Over Exclusivity and Tying Provisions in its Application Developer Terms  

This investigation is one of the first examples after the end of the Brexit transitional period of the UK’s principal competition regulator, the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA), conducting a parallel competition investigation into similar practices being concurrently examined by the EU Commission. The CMA opened its investigation into Apple under the Chapter II of Competition Act 1998. It follows […]

Leading Pharmaceutical manufacturer, Aspen, Gives Legally Binding Commitments to Reduce its Prices Following EU Commission Competition Law Investigation into Excessive Pricing

Following an extensive competition law investigation by the EU Commission, leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, Aspen, offered legally binding Commitments to reduce its prices in Europe for six critical cancer medicines by 73% on average and to backdate those price reductions to 2019. In addition, under the terms of the Commitments, Aspen must ensure the continued supply of these off-patent medicines for […]

Meaning of “fair value” in a forced buy-out of a minority shareholder | Rosenblatt’s Corporate Team

Summary In this article, we consider the recent judgment of Mr Justice Snowden In the matter of Euro Accessories Ltd [1], which concerned the interpretation of a provision in the articles of association of a private limited company giving the majority shareholder an option to acquire the shares of the minority shareholder on terms that the consideration payable for the […]

EU Commission Provides Guidance on Status of Dual Role Agents under EU Competition Law

As part of its review of the Vertical Agreements Block Exemption, Commission Regulation 330/2010 (“VABE”), the European Commission published a Working Paper on 5th February 2021 setting out the Commission’s preliminary views on the applicability of Article 101 TFEU to situations where distributors also act as agents for different products in the same product market for the same supplier (“the […]

EU Commission Starts Competition Investigation against Leading Chocolate Producer, Mondelēz, for Restricting Parallel Trade in the EU

Introduction The European Commission has announced that it has opened a formal antitrust investigation to assess whether Mondelēz, one of the largest producers of chocolate, biscuits, and coffee in the EU, has restricted competition by hindering the cross-border trade between EU Member States of those products in breach of Articles 101 and/or 102 of the Treaty of the Functioning of […]