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CGT Rate Hike on the Cards

The prospect of capital gains tax rates (currently at 10%, 20% and 28%, depending on the asset) being brought into line with income tax rates (40 and 45%) has long been suggested in various quarters, although it is only since the financially troubled times the treasury now finds itself in that it has become a suggestion that has had legs […]

Tax Journal: One Minute with Philip Alfandary Interview

Rosenblatt’s Tax Partner, Philip Alfandary, gave an interview to the Tax Journal commenting on his career and the recent developments in tax law. Read the full interview here:

BUDGET 2016 – Employment Related Taxation Changes

In this blog we will be discussing the legal implications of the Budget 2016 with regard to employment related taxation changes. Tax and NICs rules for pay-offs Certain forms of termination…

Members only at the bar

The courts have considered a number of cases concerning disparities between the VAT treatment of members’ golf clubs (those owned and operated for the benefit of members) and proprietary golf…

PAYE and its Discontents

In the Autumn Statement, the chancellor promised to crack down on an abuse of the rules for travel and subsistence expenses. The abuse is prevalent in the temporary labour market, but the changes…